Puppy foundations – freebie alert

So – you decide to get that rescue pup you’ve always been dreaming of, or you’ve finally succumbed to your kids’/partner’s pleas and have been persuaded to get a cute little puppy. But as cute as they are puppies don’t come cheap, and what with all the food, innoculations, toys, treats and other puppy paraphernalia you’re going to be spending your cash on some good free advice wouldn’t go amiss… Right?

Good news for you!

Two excellent and even better, FREE! ebooks written by dog behaviour specialist Dr Ian Dunbar are available to download. ‘Before you get your puppy’ and ‘After you get your puppy’ make light work of getting to grips with good puppy prep and puppy foundations, and give the reader an excellent insight into the young dog’s mind.

Did you know that most puppies’ experiences between 8 weeks to around three months of age will go on to form their view  about the world for the rest of their lives?

Good puppy foundations are ESSENTIAL if you are going to have a happy, healthy and well trained furry family member. So many behavioural problems we are asked to work on at Furry Friends have their roots in poor puppy foundations and a lack of proper socialisation at a young age.

If former companions of our darling but edgy rescue boxer, Harvey, spent more time looking at puppy foundations we wouldn’t have to cross the road and turn our backs every time we see a cat or a farm animal.

So, get clued up AND save money. Download your free copies today via the fabulous Dog Behaviour Blog (which incidentally has a whole load of other great doggie resources – go check it out).

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