Why choose us

Choosing a dog walker

There are lots of companies and individuals in Brighton and Hove offering walking services and it can be difficult to know how to make the right choice for you and your dog.

We’ve listed some reasons why we think we can offer one of the best services around. But don’t take our word for it! Click the logos below to read our reviews from satisfied clients on Freeindex and Google.

1. Furry Friends are police checked.

Because you give us a key to your home and entrust us with the care of your beloved furry friend, we believe it is essential that you know who you are dealing with.

2. We are fully insured.

We hold full pet business insurance which will cover your pet in the unlikely event anything should anything happen to your dog whilst in our care. This means vet bills and any potential claims by a third party (should your dog injure another animal) are covered when you choose to have your dog walked with us.

3. We are doggie first aid trained.

In the event of your dog becoming injured whilst on a walk we are trained to provide emergency first aid and should it be necessary, our exceptional knowledge of the local area means we can get your dog to the nearest emergency vets fast.

4. We have been approved by Brighton and Hove Council.

Brighton and Hove Council inspect our vehicles to ensure we are transporting dogs according to appropriate health and safety guidelines.

5. We are instructor trained by the Insititute of Modern Dog Trainers.

As well as being experienced walkers and dog owners ourselves, Sam and Billie-Jo have both attended extended instructor training courses with this well respected dog training organisation.

6. We walk away from main roads and livestock.

Furry Friends ONLY walk in dog safe areas well away from main roads and farm animals. It sometimes takes us a bit longer to get to these places but we believe this is an essential aspect of a dog’s walk.

7. We guarantee walk times and are 100% reliable.

We always take your dog out for the time specified and pride ourselves on our reliability. We are proud to have never cancelled a walk, and having our small team in place means we are able to ensure continuity of cover. (Extreme weather excepted.)
Furry Friends Pet Services is our livelihood!

8. We ALWAYS tag dogs with our contact details

We provide all dogs with a custom-made dog tag with our details on in case they go wandering whilst out on a walk. That means they can quickly be found and reunited with the group should they go astray.

9. We are competitively priced.

Most professional dog walking companies in Brighton and Hove charge roughly the same amount for a dog walk, whilst some private individuals do charge less as they often have fewer overheads than a professional dog walking company.

Before choosing a potentially unregistered, uninsured, untrained and unvetted company or individual to take out your dog, consider what you would do if anything happened to your beloved pooch in their care:

  • Do you know who they are – you wouldn’t hand over keys to your home to just anyone!
  • Are they experienced in walking and dealing wth groups of dogs and their behaviours?
  • Can they keep new and unknown dogs separate from the rest of the group when travelling?
  • Would they know what to do in the event of illness, an accident or a fight?
  • Will they leave you in the lurch? What would you do if they cancelled a walk whilst you were out at work or otherwise unavailable?
  • Are they fully insured? If not could you afford to cover any vets bills or pay any third party legal costs should anything happen whilst your dog is out with them? Would the walker be able to cover costs of looking for your dog should they go missing whilst out on a walk?
  • Do they tag dogs with their details? If not, how would they be reunited with your dog should it get lost on a walk?
  • Would your dog(s) be able to quickly and safely get out of their vehicle if they were shunted or had a crash?
  • These are all important and genuine questions that we are regularly asked by prospective and new clients.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Furry Friends Pet Services or how we operate please do get in touch.