Group dog walking

60 minute group dog walks for dogs over six-months’ old

Our 60 minute group dog walks take place in Brighton and Hove. Dogs are transported in light and spacious air-conditioned family cars using secure crates and custom designed dog cages with escape hatches. We stopped using dog vans a few years ago as we found some dogs got very nervous when travelling in vans.

We collect your dog and give them a thorough walk and play before dropping them home again, leaving them ready for a long and leisurely snooze before your return home. All dogs receive a good rub down with a towel after a wet or muddy walk before being let back into your home. 

All of our group walks are designed to thoroughly exercise fit and healthy dogs. We vet and gradually integrate all new dogs to ensure they get on with existing group members and try to walk dogs in groups according to age, ability and temperament so that each dog gets the most from his or her walks.

Our group walks take place in Brighton and Hove’s parks, woods and conservation areas, and always well away from main roads and livestock. Our group dog walks mainly take place in:

  • Stanmer Park
  • Sheepcote Valley
  • Hollingbury Woods
  • Wild Park
  • Whitehawk Hill
  • Waterhall

We always walk new dogs on the lead whilst we get to know each other. However in the long-term it’s most beneficial for dogs to walk off-lead so they can exercise and socialise with the other dogs as much as possible. We are happy to build up to this by lead walking new or nervous dogs for as long as necessary, and this will always be in consultation with you and on an individual basis.


£10 60 minute group walk (additional dog £6)

£12 Saturday group walk (please note this is provided by an independent walker who previously worked for us)

Important information about group walks

  • We take out two of three group walks a day during the week: morning, late morning and early afternoon however pick up times can and do vary depending on traffic and other factors and it may be necessary to change the walk your dog goes on at short notice
  • We cannot take uncastrated male dogs over 12 months or aggressive dogs on a group walk.
  • Bitches in season will also not be able to come out on a group walk.
  • In extreme weather (eg thunder, hail) or in the dogs’ best interests (dog becomes unwell, issue at walk location – bikers etc) we may need to make the call (and reserve the right) to finish a walk early
  • Cancellation fees will apply if a booked walk is cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice.